Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Coming Soon!

Please bear with me as I have just created this blog. Yes, I know, yet another Ubuntu blog! Well, my intention for this blog truly is to document my use of Free Open Source Software, professionally. Ubuntu is only one aspect of it, but... Ubuntu is the glue. There is much more to it though, and not everything I write here will necessarily be my own original content, as some of it will be reblogged, or share, if you will. Much of it will, however be my own content, which will be released under a Creative Commons, Share-Alike license. I cannot speak for the sharing of info from other authors, however will note that blogging insinuates the "sharing" of content presumably.

At last there is finally a truly unique and unified model for professional use for Linux and open source software on a massive scale! I refer to both on the desktop in productive environments as well as on the server. Note also that when I say this, I mean to say that not only is it possible, but now it seems to be truly the superior model, that is, at least for me. Not everyone will agree and surely Windows and Mac fanboys (they even exist at church of all places) will likely hate what I have to share. Nonetheless, those who know me, know full well that displeasing and distasteful rhetoric and rude vocabulary only strengthens my stubborn ways, as I am immune to that behavior. I love to debate and will always be fair. I don't need to convince you. Facts speak for themselves. You decide; I will merely share my own experience. That said, welcome to the blog! I will be totally revamping the design as this one currently blows major cheese.

Oh yeah, I won't be using Photoshop, Sublime Text2 or any other proprietary software for the design or anything to do with this site and I will prove that you won't need to either (if you choose).

Liberty is a choice. You can either be a slave to a corporation that dictates your workflow and how much annual overhead you are obliged to incur. Even worse, you can be in bondage to fear, sin, crime, theft, lying and cheating if pirating software is your thing. No matter how much people try to justify pirating software, it is wrong! So why allow yourself to be in such bondage? Let go and live freely! The Apostle Paul encourages us in Romans 13 to let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another. Let it be so.

Peace, brethren.